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Truth is, social media tools are easy to use. They are designed that way. You can visit, sign up, tell all your friends that you have an account and you are good to go!

There are some common sense ‘rules’ put things out there that are useful, share interesting resources, ‘talk’ to your friends and generally get along with others – and do it nicely!


Easy. But where’s the strategy?

We have seen all the ‘how-to’ books out there on facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube, on Pinterest, the list is seemingly endless – and we love them all! Analytics especially, but what about strategy? Plus, where do we find the time?

Strategy is largely absent from most materials you can buy and learn. There’s a good reason for that. Most people don’t have enough experience (after all – it’s all new), plus strategy should cross a range of media (outside of scope) plus, strategy is considered personal, individual and akin to offering advice – something most hold back on. Although to be fair, strategy can only really be developed when you know your objectives, your business, and which of all the tools at your disposal and specifics about budget and timescale. Then and only then do you really need to know about ‘how-to’ use the tools of social media.

The Social Media Tools are easily comparable to hammers and nails, without a plan, without strategy, these things are useless and at best will lead to ‘neat accidents’ – it happens! You need a plan. Even if you have all the materials, hammers and nails, without a plan you just cannot build a house.

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