The Digital Marketing Show

The 10 Steps To Digital Marketing Success

Are you missing visitors, losing business or losing market share simply because you are not paying attention to your web presence? This short 6 minute presentation reveals the ten steps you need to take to ensure your online success. Whether you define success through sales, fans or clicks, you will get more when you follow the ten steps outlined in this keynote presentation.

People were standing in the aisles to watch this short presentation, edited from 30 minutes to 6. Filmed in London’s Excel, The Digital Marketing Show 2013. There was a surge to our stand afterwards.

All round, we had a fine time talking to show attendees. Click here to continue to the conversation

  • Meet ‘Like Minded People’ In London
    • Entrepreneurs, business owners and sales professionals actually discuss and work out how to apply specific business topics, without getting drunk! Each month we meet and discuss important principals of direct response marketing. We will pull apart example and rebuild them via lively Q & A discussion in order to see how we can apply bright ideas to our business.
  • More On Your Outstanding Abilities
    • This campaign example is tuned to give you the gift of information about your outstanding abilities. Carl Jung devised the concept of personality types in 1921. We have made it 2014 ready. It shares an interactive, branching video process, making it interesting, appropriate and scalable. You will find Carl Jungs’ principles applied online, alive and kicking in this unusually smart interactive branching video format.
  • Business Breakthroughs
    • Lots of folk at the show were so focused on their ‘thing’ that they are likely to miss the essentials. When discussed with visitors, we found the answers they were looking for. If you are reading this, you might find the same. This is, admittedly not our best video, indeed we “in trouble” for making it at home. We have taken exception, in this case, we think the most important thing is just to get it out there, so here it is in the raw! Enjoy.



  • Brilliant content, thanks David!!!

  • Simply awesome advice!!!!!!!!!! I never fail to pick up nuggets of information from David.

    • Thanks Paul, what I like about you is you take action! Keep an eye out, I have another shortie coming. Just putting the finishing touches to the Guide that goes with it.

  • Thank you for sharing. Really enjoyed it. Going to get my free download sorted double quick.

    • Glad to be of service Peter, thanks for your feedback. Yes, suggest you do get that free download sorted. I am not sure if I mentioned my Timeless Treasure Triggers in the video. This is how you can offer a download and charge for it. It’s not about the money it makes, although it is important because it means you can afford to help more people. I hope to have that available in the new year, maybe sooner.

  • I was at the show and missed your talk, so really glad you put up the video. Excellent nuggets in there to take away. Thanks.

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