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7 Rules For Business Prosperity In The New Economy – Free Download For Entrepreneurs

This new book is short and punchy. It contains 7 key business growth strategies for entrepreneurs, business men, women and sales professionals who are short on time and focused on making new sales in ways that will keep them for life.

The book is available in full, free as an instant download PDF for a limited period only. We are looking for more comments and feedback to let other visitors know the value of the content. We already have some great comments, we would appreciate yours.

This page is focused on the value of targeting the right market, with insights into what you can expect from this powerful, entrepreneurial, business driving book.

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Rule #1: Define A Clear Message

Your message needs to be strong enough to drive people through your door

Rule #2: Target The Right Market

How to match your offer with the right people to attract real interest in your business

Rule #3: Use The Right Direct Response Media

Make sure you planning to do the right type of marketing, then select the media to match

Rule #4: Think Like An Entrepreneur

See opportunity in adversity, it’s one of the few ways you can increase your price

Rule #5: Create Effective Systems

Most companies have systems in place. Few have them for sales and marketing. As a result the best product and service providers let competitors (former staff) grow the market for themselves.

Rule #6: Get Maximum Value Out of Your Day

You cannot manage time, you can manage what you do with it. It’s time you took control.

Rule #7: Build a Powerful Support Network

Create your own success environment.

If you are in a hurry, you can download the entire e book by clicking the link below, or continue below to read an extract.

pdf-icon1Click Here To Download Your Copy Of 7 Rules To Business Prosperity In The New Economy

I changed my daily habits as a direct result of reading 7 Rules For Business Prosperity In The New Economy.

Jos van Rozen

Extract: Rule #2 – Targeting The Right Market

One of the keys to crafting the right message is understanding who you are talking to. The best possible offer made to someone who is wholly unqualified or wholly disinterested is not going to work.

You’ve got to match your offer with the right people to attract real interest in your business. A good message means:

  • You can reach your market affordably
  • You will reach people who are likely to buy
  • You will reach people who are able to buy
  • People you want to target preferably already know you or are likely to trust you

You may think you know who your customers are but truth is we find this rarely bears out in reality. Too many businesses have a tough time stating exactly who their customer is and what that person is all about.

This means they have a tough time producing advertising and marketing to reach these people.

A few years back, a carpet cleaning business owner was doing a lot of the right things in terms of crafting messages and using good advertising media. But he said none of it was working and couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

The solution was discovered when they took a drive around the area they were targeting. It was quickly obvious why he wasn’t getting a good response from his reasonably good messages.

If you looked around the homes in the post codes he was marketing to, the lawns were poorly kept, the surrounding areas untidy and many of the drives had old cars jacked up on them.

It was obvious these were not the kind of people who would be likely to pay money to have a carpet cleaning service come and clean their carpets.

He could have delivered the best marketing message. It did not matter how good, how tremendous or irresistible his offer was to the people in that area he would always get a very poor response. Right message, wrong market.

If you are in one of those areas, you short-circuit the whole process. You’re guaranteed to waste money and you are likely to have an abject marketing failure in your hands. To get the right answer, you have to pick your target market with more sophistication.

There are several ways that most businesses can approach this whole issue of target marketing. For example you can target according to the geographic area, the demographics of the type of people, or the membership of an affinity group.

The more you know about your target market, the easier it is to identify them to reach them with your message.

pdf-icon1Click Here To Download Your Copy Of 7 Rules To Business Prosperity In The New Economy

Targeting the right market is just one of the rules of business described in the book. In this particular chapter you will also:

  • Discover the three letters that will change your life forever…
  • I reveal the one word you should avoid that is the most fatal mistake, a real money loser that most of us make in our marketing that could lead to the breakthrough that you and your family richly deserve.
  • I share the four questions to ask to uncover the money multipliers. You owe it to yourself to avoid the mistakes, make the right choices and grow your business.
  • Discover the four targeting triggers that most businesses miss. These, if you are entering a new market for the first time will give you some cheer. If you are long established, these are four areas to revisit in a hurry… before they get taken away for ever, and that would be very expensive as I have found out in the past, to my cost…

Throughout the book you will find simple, specific action questions that you will easily answer. You will find they not only make life easier for you now, they move you up the money tree fast.

Click Here To Download Your Copy Of 7 Rules To Business Prosperity In The New Economy

If you’re a business owner and you want real improvement in your business then I highly suggest that you listen to what David White has to say

Dan Kennedy (GKIC)

About David White, Author

Already an established, award winning, best selling author, at 40 pages, the 7 Rules To Business Prosperity In The New Economy is surprisingly short, put together since taking on the GKIC Franchise for London.

David’s other best-selling books include: His other best-selling books include:

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pdf-icon1Click Here To Download Your Copy Of 7 Rules To Business Prosperity In The New Economy

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  • I’m always in the market for the info David has to share and regularly find myself going back over his material. And yes I do have a ‘David White’ folder where I keep all the info he shares. I’ve referred back to this book a number of times and had many an ‘a-ha’ moment doing so. I’ve guessed my target market too many times and got it wrong. Going back over this rule helps to give me clarity and focus on EXACTLY who I’m targeting. Get this bit right and the rest of your marketing will be a whole lot easier. Well worth not just reading but studying and then give it some time to sink in before you take action.

  • Hi Brad. I have to say in hindsight, I think Email folders have really hindered my progress. I have been thinking about writing a presentation called disorganisation for entrepreneurs with one part 100% dedicated to deliberate email ‘mismanagement’ .

    In the past I have carefully organised my email using folders. It seemed like a good idea. Unfortunately all that was left in my open in-box are all the emails I do not want to see. To keep it neat I would religiously run through and delete them.

    I run a lot of physical meetings and I am always hearing of people arriving and telling me that they would have missed it if it were not for me sending reminders or for them actually remembering to check the folder…

    I found that after clearing my in box and keeping it all neat and organised that I never looked in my folders often enough. In other words Spam was winning! As a result I failed to actually process all the messages I new that I wanted to… Doh! I learned that not clearing and leaving my spam filters on automatic meant I got to more emails I actually wanted.

    At one point I got to 95,000 un-read emails. I felt really good about not reading that many, as it meant I had not wasted my time – 95,000 times.

    I archived all, which took all night and then deleted all (I could always unarchive). I found I only missed two or three emails. My in box is better off for it. I called them and they sent them again, problem solved.

    Right now, three months later, I have amassed about 1,700 unread emails. I get between 20 and 80 emails an hour. Disorganisation seems to work better for me.

  • As always David, you’re an inspiration to all entrepreneurs. This book is undoubtedly a great guide to what real, effective marketing and business building should be all about! There’s no doubt in my mind, by getting your target market right, any business owner will save tons of wasted hours on trying to figure this “marketing stuff” out. As I’m starting my second business now, this is the perfect book on how to build it the right way. If you want to learn from the best…here it is. Thanks David.

  • Thanks Dev! Good luck with your new venture. I shall reveal my secret… good business owners make for good customers!

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