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Ronan Bryan of Cityzone questions David White of Weboptimiser on whats new in Social Media. Discover more about the ‘Freaky Line’ and how you can map your digital assets to your business plan.


How to find customers through Social Media

Facebooks Pay Per Click advertising program is of age and we have run over 1000 campaigns on facebook over the last few years where the objective is not to get liked, the objective is to make sales.

Right now Facebook is stacked with traffic and it’s prices are on the floor. It is like Google 10 years ago. There are differences, you have to have something to sell and you need to change the way you sell it every month. Because people aren’t searching there is a lot of work involved to get it right.

Most don’t know how to make social media sell, we have been making it happen for clients for a few years now. Lets talk, we have a lot of the answers and case studies we can talk you through.

If you are ready to get started we can help with further guidance, online or in person training with your specific business community in mind. Speedy, efficient service designed for small businesses, larger departments and start ups.

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What is Social Media?

Social Media is an online marketing channel designed to encourage social interaction.
Statistics prove increasing numbers of people are going online and engaging in some form of Social Media communication.

From blogs, micro-blogs, forums, communities and social networks; conversations are taking place, content is being shared and recommendations are being actively sought; and given.

Social Media


Why is Social Media Important?

Social Media delivers not just an understanding of what your prospects and clients are talking about, but specifically what they are saying about you.

Consumers are talking about your brand whether you like it or not, the conversations are happening and you need to engage.

Clear evidence shows that brands who successfully engage in Social Media reap rewards of building trusted brand advocacy, increasing sales opportunities whilst gaining a rich understanding about their existing customers and future prospects.


Social Media: Where to Start?


Step 1 : Social Media Listening

The first step is to ‘listen’ to what is being said and from there plan how to engage in trusted conversations.

Listening comes in the form of Social Media Reports, developed from a tool kit of different measurement software applied with a scientific analytical approach.

Entering into any form of Social Media engagement without any listening is like driving blind in un-chartered territories and the upshot is that your brand, will most likely and unknowingly, commit Social Media blunders causing more harm than good, albeit unintentionally.

Step 2 : Social Media Engagement

After listening, comes engagement. Social Media engagement comes in many forms, including:

  • Strategic Framework Established – from the listening report we can organise a strategic framework in which your Social Media activity operates both internally & externally.
  • Social Media Training – depending on the levels of internal work to be undertaken and the knowledge required, your teams will need awareness training and specific training on the framework and their roles within it.
  • Stakeholder Panel – in certain instances it is useful to involve external influencers to participate on a stakeholder panel giving direct input into ongoing strategy and needs from outside the business.
  • Ongoing Listening, Analysis & Strategy Advice – monthly or quarterly listening updates in a more diluted form that the initial listening document, a re essential for updating future strategy.
  • Social Media Dashboard – our monthly dashboard summarises your Social Media standing, your highlights and your KPI’s.
  • Engage with 3rd Party Social Media – managed services fro Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Media. We specialise in targeted growth and quality conversations with the right people engaging you in the conversations happening on relevant keywords and specific locations where conversations are happening.
  • Content – we offer a full content creation service tailored and syndicated for Social Media and fully optimised for SEO. This includes blog management. The same service is available for online video creation.
  • Social Media Platforms – we have a range of options and features of platforms that can be added onto your existing site or replace it.
  • Community Management & Growth – We offer a full community management and growth service if your internal resources aren’t sufficient.
  • Bespoke Facebook, Wiki’s, Games, Competitions, Questionnaires, Web & Mobile Apps.


We look forward to discussing one of our favourite subjects – Social Media, after all, there is a lot of SEO in Social Media. We have been pioneering since the industry first started. It’s true to say, you will not find anyone else with our depth of Social Media Marketing capability or experience.

Social Media works best when integrated with our comprehensive set Internet Marketing services.