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London (England) is one of the most competitive cities in the world and for companies who maintain a presence in London there are formidable problems. Not least of Which is SEO.

Undertaking an SEO campaign targeting both London and global markets used to be straight forward. In the early days there were just a few decent blogs and a few Twitter personalities who focused on London, nowadays, there is much, much more fun to be had!

Thousands of companies, thousands of blogs, Twitter accounts who all claim to offer London based SEO services. Yet do it wrong, worse still, lazily and detrimentally. It’s tougher than ever to be found against local terms and tougher still to be found globally. You need local support and service in London to succeed for sure.

Also, little is understood by most marketers about the amount that SEO underpins PPC, Social Media, Video Platforms and Press Relations. The quality score of a landing page is vital to reduce your cost per bid. SEO is at the heart of both social and search technologies, another reason to pay attention. The other odd thing about SEO is that it tends to deliver about 80% of the traffic to most sites, including very qualified long tail traffic, yet most companies focus budgets on PPC. The reason for that is that you can be very clear with PPC and get exactly the terms that you want, quickly. A big part of PPC is actually brand protection, something that SEO delivers in spades.

SEO London – Offshore? Are You Sure?

Sadly this is another major problem that is avoidable. We know of many who mistakenly outsource offshore and who have wasted thousands without checking that local providers really are local. As with contaminated food, the pressure is on to drive the price down and as it goes down, results vary greatly and you don’t necessarily get what it says on the label. For good global SEO in London, you need to be on the ground, in the thick of it, as today Social Factors account for about a third of all good SEO and if you are far away, you cannot see what is going on, or speak the language. That’s a fact, and with so many saying “yes”, it proves to be a problem for many.

SEO London And Beyond

You may not appreciate that most who outsource, outsource themselves and eventually it is one person in a tiny village, with no comprehension of SEO or London, busting a gut on an extremely low wage trying to please everyone, trying to get things done, with everyone else enjoying the ride, saying “yes”. You can find many stories on the web that confirm this.

SEO London Key Steps

Part of the problem is outsourced suppliers miss key steps. They don’t take the time to understand your business, you don’t meet them personally and you take on their SEO packages blindly. There is no such thing as one size fits all SEO.

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