Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing

New, Reputation Marketing is the process of building a 5-Star reputation online with the sole objective of attracting new customers.

In the recent past Reputation Management has been all the rage, taken on as a defensive antidote. The difference is that Reputation Marketing is a positive force. Reputation Management deals with dark forces that are already out there, that have already surfaced and by its very nature, is therefore too late and needs a lot of force to be effective, sometimes inviting a counter attack by the offended. Reputation Management does not always leave a sweet taste, yet Reputation Marketing is, by definition, sweet in the first place.

Reputation Marketing as a marketing process is so very effective, as it is based on what you really do and who you really are, as distinct from defending yourself from past mistakes. Reputation Marketing also overcomes outrageous claim marketing the kind of thing put out by new market entrants. It is an alternative to methods that orientate around the ‘Big Idea’ that can be hyped and made to look super attractive, although are considered brash, or ‘american’ by many.

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