Pay Per Click

What is Pay Per Click ( PPC )?

Pay Per Click

Advertise On Google And Get Big Results From Pay Per Click With Weboptimiser

Pay Per Click ( PPC ), also known as Paid Search, is online marketing that involves paying when someone clicks on your advert, through a bidding process where you set the price that you are willing to pay for particular keywords relevant to your business.

Advertisements appear within search engines such as Google, social networks such as FaceBook and many other types of websites including Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and Twitter.

Pay Per Click Achieves 1000% ROI!

Pay Per Click – PPC With Weboptimiser

Every business can use Pay Per Click – PPC as a core channel using a strict ROI or Cost Per Enquiry basis across search, social media and display networks.

Recognised as a core component of every search engine marketing campaign Pay Per Click costs seem to continue to rise and competition increases the pressure. These are problems that with the right attitude and approach are easily fixed.

There are techniques you can employ to lower costs and increase click through’s. From the careful grouping of your campaigns to extensive research of keywords, emotional language can attract more clicks at less bucks too. There’s a lot that can be done to improve response.

Free AdWords Performance Report

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Your free AdWords performance report includes:

  • Fast and free expert analysis of your account performance
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Weboptimiser employs bespoke third generation techniques to ensure that your campaign will be managed and optimised 8 times an hour, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The combination of all these techniques regularly delivers uplifts of over 30% of your PPC Campaign Spend. It is not just as a result of our focussed campaign management and optimisation. Results are super enhanced because we employ some the latest developments including A/B split testing (without the need for major code changes during the testing phase) that will put your campaign ahead of the competition.

Weboptimiser operate PPC campaigns across all major search engines, display networks, mobile and social media platforms. Using the latest analytics, targeting and intelligence tools, we achieve your KPIs and beat your competitors.

Advanced PPC Analytics are key. Without intensive professional Pay Per Click management, PPC won’t work efficiently for you.

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