GKIC London “The Place For Prosperity”

Great content! Great company! Great location, good food and drink too.

Although it was Britain’s coldest day in Britain for 10 years with warnings for days on TV not to travel, a few brave souls traveled from far and wide to make the first GKIC Meeting of the year on January 12th 2013.

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From there it just got better and better, this is what we covered month by month throughout the year in 2013.

GKIC London January 2013

The Discovery of Continuity and our new years resolve to add regular, repeating monthly income streams to our business

GKIC London February 2013

#1 Kopy Kryptonite – what not to say in sales to build wealth and abundance.

GKIC London March 2013

The Three-Step Campaign and why it is worth not jumping in to make the sale.

GKIC London April 2013

Taking a Bite Out of Boredom: Pets in Marketing – remember being surprised about how many people ‘used’ pets in their marketing – in the room already.

GKIC London May 2013

Place strategy and using time integrity

GKIC London June 2013

Entitlement and Sloth Have No Place in Advertising

GKIC London July 2013

Summer Promotions

GKIC London August 2013

Tiered Option Sales

GKIC London September 2013

Positioning for Profit and Growth

GKIC London October 2013

How to Successfully Use Email Marketing

GKIC London November 2013

Exposed: The Truth about Newspaper and Magazine Advertising!

GKIC London December 2013

The Most Powerful Word in Marketing

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  • Another great event put on by David. Was great to see a doubling of attendance from the last meeting and an exponential growth in energy and ideas from attendees. Looking forward to next month.

    • Hi Brad, yes, I think there were a few light bulb moments for you there! Thanks for bringing your distinguished guest. Please bring more!

  • An electric evening indeed! Great to see the room packed to the gunwales. Loads of great info and even better interaction, you can’t miss out, be there, or be nowhere!!


    • Aye Aye Cap’n! Stephen great idea for you to want to talk to us about Attracting The Affluent. I know a few who have said to me that they want to be part of that group. You can certainly count me – I think that there are at least four who are interested and so far, I have only asked four, so pretty likely that this would happen in my estimation!

      • Stephen Daltrey

        David, I’ve now had a chance to look at the info pack from Monday in more detail and wanted to congratulate you. You are certainly practicing what you preach and modelling the DK way! I liked the articles, offers and ideas, really useful.( I’ll load this comment on the site!)

  • What a great session. Practical and actionable tips and insights delivered with highly motivating energy. As others have commented, the value of participant connection and interaction alone is already worth the time!

  • Feb was a brilliant event and I will certainly be there in March and I promise to give a powerful exercise to the audience!

    • Fergus, I know from the feedback from what you did that everybody was enthralled with your five minutes. I have been asked by more than one if you would do it again – and you have agreed, can’t wait till the 19th of March! We start at 6pm, you can come early.

  • Hi David, just a quick message to say thanks for organising GKIC London. Finally a group of like minded people who share the Dan Kennedy type philosophies who will help push each other forward. Great event and looking forward to the next one already! Dan :)

    • Yes, as we have discussed since, the power of associating with like minded people is immense, and I see you have signed up for the next event. I will see you then, let the sharing and flow of ideas continue

  • Hi David what a great night I was connecting with all of you. I learnt so much already from your presentation and the two guys. Really looking forward to the next one and getting stuck in to the GKIC way of life! Thanks again Sara

    • You are so welcome. Yes it’s true, everyone was connecting really well, a few people told me the atmosphere was electric.

  • I’m delighted that we have a London based GKIC chapter at long last!
    Great meeting the other day and I’m looking forward to the next one where we will have even higher attendance.

    • It took me a while to organise and I am very pleased that I did. The wealth of connections and the quality of the people in the room has been consistently outstanding and for March I can see that there is a bit of a queue forming, so I just might have to change venue… We Need A Bigger Boat!

  • Great evening with David and the rest of the team, some great practical tips which I can use immediately. Thanks again David for setting this up. Paul

    • You are most welcome Paul, it was a fun evening and I am glad you could come 100 miles – all the way from Leicester. You win the MDT (Most Distance Traveled award!). Can’t wait for the next event – in just three weeks time, please bring the rest of Leicester with you!

  • This was a fantastic evening with David, he is a very knowledgable and friendly guy. There is a wealth of information in the group, If you are looking to grow your business with Direct marketing methods then I see nothing more useful than spending time with others that are implementing and refining it.

  • David deserves hearty congratulations on getting the GKIC chapter off the ground in our fantastic capital city of London. Takes a lot of work, energy and commitment, not to mention the cost of many US ‘training’ trips! With twice as many people at the Feb event as the inaugural Jan one, word of mouth is definitely kicking in. Good mix of entrepreneurs, loads of healthy debate, participation, teamwork… all peppered with humour and banter encouraged by David’s confident, professional, relaxed manner and presentation skills. I think March will need a bigger venue (I’m on annual leave ski-ing!, although I might dial in with a nugget!!). I’d encourage anyone reading this blog to give it a try for the fun, learning, and networking opportunities.

  • Excellent February event. Great venue in the heart of Mayfair. However, David is such a great host and such a good networker that very soon the place won’t be big enough – he’ll need a bigger boat to float his meetings. The evening was full of fun and informative with a room full of smart people (their brains – not necessarily their gear)

  • I have been strong-armed into doing another powerful exercise in March by David. It will be a great event, so I have agreed to do it!

  • Do you know when people are lying to you? Would you like to know when people are lying to you? In business, don’t go for a yes when they are still giving you a no! I will show you some tools at high speed to spot the truth and the lies. I know it will be fun as well! See you all in March!

  • Another well executed event. Great turnout of interesting marketeers of all abilities. Another well done presentation by David White. Looking forward to the March event.

  • Stephen Daltrey

    Well done David, another fantastic evening ! 3.5 hours of solid gold value and a great bunch of people!
    Be there or be nowhere!!

    • David, thanks again, Ive made great use of the ideas and input from the event and am counting down to the next one!

  • Implementing implementing implementing! …real busy getting stuff done otherwise I’d leave a longer note :-). Great work David.

    • Thanks Annik, glad to hear you are so focused, no wonder I hear such good reports about your business. By the way, thanks for getting stuck into the discussions in March. Great feedback about YOU too!

  • David – A BIG thank you for a great evening and thanks to your fellow presenters, Stephen, Fergus and Simon. GKIC London is an opportunity NOT to be missed! At the next event I will be in the front row! Seriously this is a great opportunity for all business entrepreneurs to get involved – loads of healthy debate, participation, teamwork and a great friendly atmosphere in the room. For those who are looking to network, build an existing business or want to get a new start-up off the ground this is for YOU! Here is the place to get the inside track on successful marketing. All I can say is DO NOT MISS Tuesday 16th April 2013, 6pm – Put it in your diary, iphone or ipad calender NOW! If you have none of these – tie a knot in something! DO NOT MISS OUT!

    • My pleasure Kevin, nice to meet you too. Always great to put a face to a voice. I remember our telephone call distinctly. I know you really did enjoy it as I hear from others progress is being made. Thanks for your kind words

  • Again what a great evening and the standards got even higher! I got loads of golden nuggets out of this one and using them already in my business. So pleased that GKIC is in London otherwise I would feel a bit lost. Next one is already booked in the diary and cant wait to get there. Thanks David!

    • Yes, last month was an action packed schedule. Glad you got so much out of it. Make sure you once you take action that you don’t stop! Thanks for coming. GKIC London is only as good as the people that attend. It’s all down to you.

  • Absolutely loved the event even more than before. It all seems to be making sense now (as I am a new member) and I am now starting to implement. Great guest presentations also. Good to hear ideas from different people. Looking forward to it being in the afternoon next time especially with food. What a winning mix! Great meeting and see you next time for sure! :)

  • Daniel, to be honest I really could not do it without you, you and you!

    I am glad it is starting to make sense, there is a lot of sense in the room. The participation and out loud comments tell us that every time. Running it, I really enjoy it.

    From memory I can recall at least three home runs for you – even though you are very clear in what you want, even though you know what you need to do. It is great that you are so open to new thoughts and that you take them as stimulation to reformulate how you will achieve your objective.

    I’ll be there next time and I can see you have already registered. Well done!

  • So many great ideas to immediately implement into my business! It’s a permanent fixture in my diary!

  • May was a great event – as always and with a lot of excitement! I know June will be awesome, as I know most of the people who will be contributing – both from the stage and the so-called “audience”!

    Truly looking forward to that afternooon in juuuune

  • I know that June 11th will be great – and that is not from hope, it is from knowledge. I will give a short exercise – that I was taught by our guest speaker, Rod Sloane. Can’t wait for it!!! You have to be there to realise how much learning and fun there is at these events – and meeting excellent contacts as well. Quality, that’s the word for it!

  • Looking forward to June 11th and more sterling content.

    However a big shout out to David for putting on this marvellous opportunity to meet and network with so many budding and actual entrepreneurs and marketers.

    It’s from places like this that the real “Green Shoots” will come.

  • Really great event last night David thanks! I actually learned a lot from Rick being in the hot seat… it seems AHA moments come from the smallest comments but can make such a big difference. I realise now how important it is to be around like minded people who help bring you forward. Also loved Rod sloans talk especially the bit about getting laser focused on your vision and values. Looking forward to the next event! Dan :-)

  • Living in the heart of London I am invited to many groups so I have to be selective.

    At GKIC London, I found a real two way dialogue, a mastermind of interesting people where I feel at home and comfortable, and I know the event will be valuable and worthwhile. I always implement new ideas the very next day, sometimes the same evening!

  • David as always imparts knowledge of the highest order and on top of that I get to meet like minded people to discuss and swap ideas and transfer knowledge. Well worth the 200 mile round trip to be there. Roll on the next meeting.

    • Hi Paul, thanks for your kind words. It is genuinely the people that come that really make it, my role is really just to orchestrate. It should be no surprise that so many great ideas come from the ‘mastermind’ that forms automatically when like minded people get together

  • This was my 8th time at GKIC and yes there have only been 8 meetings. The value of going consistently has been key to getting the value I get from each meeting. Every time I go I find new ways to ‘join the dots’. Strategies and tactics talked about and used by others become clearer and clearer. The more I go the more I join the dots the more aha moments I have. I love aha moments! In fact GKIC London has been key to me starting a new business in David’s favourite topic – info-marketing. Thanks David!

  • David,

    Thanks again for getting GKIC London “off the ground” and established. Great meeting once again especially the update from Richard Abrahams on what he has achieved in the last month with “Fire Free”.

    The monthly meeting is invaluable for direct response marketers and business folk as a place to swap notes, get new ideas and simply have the chance to chat with like-minded folks. The “Place For Prosperity” in London.

    Look forward to the meeting next month.

    Kevin Francis

  • David

    Great meeting once again. Particularly enjoyed Simon on testimonials and the exercise led by Fergus (very insightful). Hope the “after meeting” went well!

    Looking forward to next month.

    Kevin Francis

    • Thanks Kevin, especially for presenting your ideas on Copy Cosmetics, then giving a quick catch up at the end, very useful

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  • Would like to attend the next event please but not sure how to register. Please advise

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