GKIC London, Inaugral Meeting Success!

The First GKIC London Event - Winners Who made It Through Snow And Ice

January 2013, snow had turned to ice on the street and still more falling, temperature beneath zero. Ahead of us the inaugural meeting of Britain’s first GKIC Chapter, 58 South Molton Street, London. Located in our clients suite of serviced Well Being offices.

The First GKIC London Event - Winners Who made It Through Snow And Ice

The First GKIC London Event – Winners Who made It Through Snow And Ice

The meeting went really well, lots of really good interactivity. We covered the agenda, there was animated and passionate discussion, it was fun to do, done in time and on time. Everyone satisfied, everyone got something from it, promises of bringing colleagues to next event.

Animated Discussion

Rick Pullan of TBDA awarded Marketer Of The Month from his November presentation on story telling. Not his first award, but he tells us, most treasured. Ricks presentation was shared with delegates who each took away with them notes and ideas compiled during our time together and a Data Disk with Rick on it, tucked into their very own goody bag.

Longest Distance Travelled Award (LDTA) goes to Stephen Daltrey who travelled from Eastbourne to be with us, about 80miles. His wife and daughter begged him not to go, but his resolve was such that he made it through and participated fully. We have agreed lunch will follow.

Topics Worthy Of Consideration

The topics we covered included the power of continuity and the importance of making a resolution. The difference both make when focused. It’s the difference that exists between those that offer lip service and those that complete the deal. We proved, by our own actions and realisations, that the difference between winning and losing is entirely down to what we want to do, when we want to do it.

Can’t wait for feedback. Can’t wait for the next event, currently scheduled for 25th of February. Complete the form below and register, save your seat, places are offered on a first come first served basis.

Next Event Date: 25th February, here’s what you get:

  • Two Focused Areas Of Workshop And Discussion
  • Me And All The Advice I Can Give, Live And In Person
  • Our Goody Bag!
  • Feedback From An Experienced Group There To Work On Your Business
  • Access To Dan Kennedy People And Resources

Can’t wait! I look forward to meeting you and introducing you to an intimate, friendly, businesslike environment where everyone prospers.

Unable To Attend This London Event ?

Can’t make our London event click here and will we let you know if a video recording becomes available. There is no other way to network, other than by attending. Only attendees will get the monthly done for you marketing campaign. You will get more from the event by turning up.

Steve Thomson, recent attendee said:
“The panel discussion was remarkable in that so much wisdom and experience was focused on a topic that touches us all and remains at the forefront of business and personal thinking”

Event Location: 58 South Molton Street, London

Closest Tube: Bond Street. Just a few minutes away.

This London event is workshop style, so you will be given the opportunity to participate. Limited to 30, standing room possible as necessary, seats allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Register below to secure your seat:

What else could you do? in London?

Check this out: London Events. Search for London Events on your favourite search engine and you’ll soon discover there’s nothing better a business owner can attend this 25th of February.

Register and reserve your place here:

Reservations available on a first come, first serve basis


  • Congratulations and thanks to David and team for organising the fist GKIC London event! David showed true entrepreneurial spirit in taking the opportunity and bringing GKIC to London through his investment of considerable cost and time. The venue was very elegant and right in the centre of London. David organised a number of discussions and activities which got us engaged with each other and challenged us to do more! I particularly enjoyed the section on Resolve and the discussion on what we all do when the No BS Marketing letter arrives! Lots of food for thought. David was a very competent and thoughtful host, who clearly knows his topic inside out. It is particularly impressive that he has invested so much time and money in GKIC. We are extremely lucky to have him leading the group. I can’t wait till the next meeting:) Stephen Daltrey

  • Can’t believe it’s taken this long to have a London chapter of GKIC. Well done to David for making it happen. Investing in your marketing skills puts you ahead of 95% of your competitors so it’s a no brainer if you’re serious. As well as useful discussions on the night, David gave us some very high quality material to take away which I’m already starting to use. I suspect it will become a fixture in my diary though we’ll out-grow the venue very soon I suspect. Great start! Graham

  • Thanks David for stepping up to the plate and setting up the first London GKIC event. It was fantastic to meet other entrepeneurs in person. I enjoyed the lively discussion and david did a fantastic job of presenting and moving us through the GKIC meeting schedule.

    Looking forward to the next meeting.

  • It’s been way too long coming but David made it happen, the first GKIC London chapter meeting. A huge thanks to David for all the time and resources he has evidently put in to making it happen. The content he delivered was first class and so much more than I had thought would be offered. Just sitting in a room and chatting with people that ‘get’ me and the way my GKIC influenced mind works would have been enough!
    The next date is firmly placed in the diary and looking forward to it already.

    • My pleasure Brad. I did put a lot of effort into it, as I knew that smart people like you would be in the room and I wanted to make it worthwhile (I knew, as you may remember, I called ahead of the meeting). It’s a high bar to reach and I am so glad that we hit it. Thanks for your kind words. I am certain we are onto something big here, especially when you look through the feedback is coming in.

  • What a great session. A fantastic mix of businesses in the same room, setting the stage for maximum cross-pollenization. Very relevant, and hands-on discussions. I think all attendants would agree they went home energized with at least a handful of ideas to try out in their businesses. 150 minutes well spent! A big thank you to David for taking the initiative.

  • A great inaugural event, Dan Kennedy would be proud… lots of shared business nuggets like the 7 rules to business prosperity which Joss said was brilliant; David made us think about and discuss where we were going with our businesses, the ‘continuous business’ concept particularly useful. I was surprised to get the inaugural Marketer of the Month Award, but I guess that’s down to presenting at his last event on the ‘art of storytelling in business’.

    Bearing in mind the amount of effort David invested in this first GKIC London chapter event, the bar is set high enough to make it very worthwhile calendarising future events. Thanks David.

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