Email Marketing

Email Marketing continues to be an extremely cost effective and proven way of remaining in contact with your customers and potential customers.

Email Effectiveness?

Completely integrated email marketing systems and copywriting transform digital marketing campaigns, particularly Social Media. Email marketing allows you to talk one on one, it’s a key part in building a community, creating regular touchpoint opportunities and reaching out.

With Weboptimiser you can have a unique email marketing account with full list management services for nuturing your enquiries. Through email delivery, survey creation and unmatched deliverability, open rates and full analytics you can take your communication, engagement and conversion metrics to the next level.

So many businesses still just send out a newsletter…is that you?

The key to any Email Marketing campaign is to repond to peoples needs. You can also use email marketing to attract and secure additional clients or customers, to keep and service existing or previous clients in ever-increasing email marketing databases.

4 Key Email Marketing Components:

  1. Deliverability – campaign deliverability results jump from 40% – 70% (more is virtually impossible)
  2. Open rates – a recent campaign increase from 5% -30%
  3. Click through rates – optimised by employing subtle techniques in the body copy
  4. Conversion rates – the email effectively acts as a ‘middle man’ to transport the recipient to your webpage for the required action to take place.

There are a range of opportunities we have ready to go, for free ideas and suggestions, we are just a phone call away. If you want someone to discuss your plans with, that’s easy, fast and free, or below there is a form to complete and we will call you. Further down the page we also offer a free training in how to use email to generate more business.

If you are ready to get started we can help with further guidance, online or in person training with your specific business community in mind. Speedy, efficient service designed for start ups, small businesses, departments and established, large scale and, or, listed company looking for fast, powered up results where you know you want more than to put a toe in the water we can provide the power needed to for top results.

5 Key E-mail Marketing Tips

We outline 5 key e-mail marketing strategies designed to overcome the media difficulties that most in the industry do not even acknowledge.

There’s a short review on the importance of headlines (e-mail Subject lines), which, as it turns out the subject of the first installment of our new ‘How To Sell By E-mail’ series.

Get your copy: register here and avoid the problems described to ensure your e-mails get through, get read and get acted upon.

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