Defining A Clear Message

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This new book is short, punchy and full of business strategies for entrepreneurs, business men, women and sales professionals who are short on time and focused not only on making new sales, it also describes ways to look after your customers and keep them for life.

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This page is focused on the value of defining a clear message, with insights into what you can expect from this powerful, entrepreneurial, business driving book.

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Rule #1: Define A Clear Message

Your message needs to be strong enough to drive people through your door

Rule #2: Target The Right Market

How to match your offer with the right people to attract real interest in your business

Rule #3: Use The Right Direct Response Media

Make sure you planning to do the right type of marketing, then select the media to match

Rule #4: Think Like An Entrepreneur

See opportunity in adversity, it’s one of the few ways you can increase your price

Rule #5: Create Effective Systems

Most companies have systems in place. Few have them for sales and marketing. As a result the best product and service providers let competitors (former staff) grow the market for themselves.

Rule #6: Get Maximum Value Out of Your Day

You cannot manage time, you can manage what you do with it. It’s time you took control.

Rule #7: Build a Powerful Support Network

Create your own success environment.

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I changed my daily habits as a direct result of reading 7 Rules For Business Prosperity In The New Economy.

Jos van Rozen

Extract: The #1 Rule – Defining A Clear Message

One of the biggest obstacles to prosperity for most business owners is that they don’t have a clear message to communicate to the market.

It’s normal to open a restaurant, a consultancy or coaching practice and spend our time and energy worrying about what our website, office or business looks like inside and to exactly how we will service our clients.

None of this matters if the customers don’t show up. Waiting for the customers to come in does not make any money, people need to be driven in first.

You need to think about what you’re going to communicate, about who you are, what you do, what you’re all about and work on making your story attractive enough to drive clients through your door.

A marketing message is a way of concisely and clearly saying to the right market, “Here’s what I’m all about, and here’s how what I do can benefit you.” Most businesses fail to do this.

When you take time to define your message clearly, your results will be so much better. Here’s an example: Two brothers started a little business as a means of putting themselves through college.

The concept was brother number one would run the business during the day and then go to school at night.

Brother number two would do the inverse so that the business could get both of them through school. A short while into this whole process, the business was losing money so they weren’t meeting their objectives.

Brother number two essentially bailed out on brother number one. He took a used Volkswagen bug in exchange for his half of the business and drove off into the sunset.

Brother number one decided to stick it out and try to make something of it.

Shortly thereafter, he developed a new marketing message: “Fresh hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.”

It really took off, his little company was called Domino’s Pizza. Domino’s Pizza is now known by everyone and it is all because clients were driven by the marketing message which almost everyone knows.

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Defining A Clear Message is one of the 7 Rules in my book, “7 Rules For Business Prosperity In The New Economy”. Please click on the link below to get your copy. You will find that there is practical information that will help you to define your message.

You will discover exactly what needs to be in your message – and that your message is hardly ever going to be about your product or what you sell specifically. Yet what you need to use is the real truth about what it is and when you think you have it right I walk you through one way you can test it.

In fact you will read how we can specifically define a single message and use it as the cornerstone of all your marketing and create a rolling conveyor belt of unique offers that drive leads.

You will read about a famous Las Vegas Hotel case study, possibly the most commoditised place in the world and see how to combine three activities into one message to totally builds the bottom line.

Concentrating too much on what you do is the sticking point that holds back so many entrepreneurs. Being the best at what you do, does that help everyone? Not unless they agree with you that you are the best. No matter what you do and no matter how well you do it, people will not come unless they know you are the best.

Finally I have created an exercise that you can complete in minutes which will really help to define who you are and what you do in layman terms so anyone and everyone will recognise you for who you are. Absolutely essential if you want to get paid for what you do…

Throughout the book and the other rules you will find 20 action questions all designed to help you put your thinking cap on and to come up with services, products and promotional ideas that you can use to differentiate and stand out from the crowd, necessary if you want to be the one who gets the business.

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If you’re a business owner and you want real improvement in your business then I highly suggest that you listen to what David White has to say

Dan Kennedy (GKIC)

About David White, Author

Already an established, award winning, best selling author, at 40 pages, the 7 Rules To Business Prosperity In The New Economy is surprisingly short, put together since taking on the GKIC Franchise for London.

David’s other best-selling books include: His other best-selling books include:

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  • Yes I agree with what you say that spending time finding the right people is just as important as crafting the right message. But in practical terms how do you know what the right ratio is to allocate your time?

    I find that the message can evolve over time, especially after I’ve started to tell my target audience. Should I go back to people who I’ve already approached earlier with the revised pitch? It’s only when you actually take the pitch out from your monitor and deliver it can you start to refine it.

    Just downloaded your book, leafing through it I see you may have already answered my questions. Apologies if the answers are already in there.


    Author – Working Dad – How To Win In Your Career And Fatherhood

    • Yes, Farhan, your message will continue to change and evolve, in fact if you stick to the same message, you message will go stale over time, it needs refreshing. However it is the market that changes it. Your message will no doubt change depending on market feedback and as you get more feedback, the more you will discover micro segments that then need slightly different messages. It sounds like a lot of work, think in terms of reward.

      It’s known that a wide message can sound bland and even bore, oppress interest and in turn reduce your bank balance. I don’t know anyone that wants that. Sadly many people find themselves starting at this point. They don’t know how to craft a message and so have a ton of difficulty. Even established business owners, entrepreneurs and sales people have to constantly refine their message, the exercises are designed to help you get out of a rut and on the ball. Become more interesting, refine and revisit your message before it’s too late.

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