David White

David White
David White is a specialist with a unique, deep knowledge that spans both online and offline. As a result he cuts through the rhetoric, bureaucracy and clutter with ease, rapidly.

David has been an active perpetual student, developer and trainer for over 30 years and has helped turn client budgets of thousands to millions: millions into billions: fully documented. From major brands such as IBM, Sony to organisations such as the Chartered Institute Of Marketing and the IOD to one man bands and other expert consultants, in government, military, and travel for business and consumer markets.

David understands ROI / CPC / EPC / CPL / CPS and LTV! A PPC ninja, a hand coder, a retargeting strategist and badass copywriter, presenter, speaker and product maker.

That said, David has learned that there are six vital things in business.

  • Finding friends
  • Exploring how you can help
  • Actually finding solutions to business problems
  • Sharing business expertise so that others can grow their businesses
  • Making introductions to like minded people
  • Regularly meeting physically in order to further ideas and concepts

You may have been expecting David to talk about SEO, PPC, Social Media and all those things. They all come into play when you think about how you can best help your friends. It’s not that people become friends, it is that to become clients, you have to first become friends. While technology is vital in effecting delivery, strategy is what makes the difference and that only comes about through having a good, and friendly understanding of the desired outcome.

In 1996, due to devastating business and personal circumstances, including divorce, David lost everything. Not one to dwell on misfortune, and determined to recover, he started Weboptimiser.com. His fortune quickly recovered, a close shave and a near brush with disaster averted. People came to him, and again he made lots of friends and helped others do the same. A story that continues to this day.

Weboptimiser pioneered the SEO Industry. During that time David served as Chairman of the Search Task Force for the Internet Advertising Bureau and developed best-practice standards that were adopted industry-wide in the UK, across Europe and the US.

In 2010 David was a guest on The Brian Tracy Show, which was aired in the US where he became known as THE Online Marketing Expert. The program was featured on NBC and syndicated out to many other channels. As a result of this appearance, David was invited to co-author “The Relationship Age”, with Mari Smith, who is known as the pied piper of Social Media. “The Relationship Age” taught PROVEN strategies for creating profitable relationships in the world of Social Media” and quickly became an Amazon Best Seller. In December the same year David was awarded a Best-Sellers Quill Award by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors in New York for the book’s success.

More recently, David co-authored “The New Masters of Online Marketing”: Leading experts from around the world reveal proven secrets to grow your business through Online Marketing Strategies”. Unsurprisingly that too became an Amazon best seller.

In 2012 following the best-selling launch of ‘Marketing Miracles’ with Dan Kennedy David was awarded another Quill Award by the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors this time presented to him in Hollywood.

In 2012 David then contributed to Hit-Me, published by Harriman House and in 2013 Start Your Own Information Marketing Business with Robert Skrob, Founder of the Info Marketing Association.

Generating sales results is, in a nutshell is what David has pioneered for over 20 years, since the beginning of online. What David does best is summed up as DIRECT RESPONSE MARKETING. Nowadays, it really is not the tactics that count so much as the strategy you employ to deliver the goods, it’s the relationships and the strategies created that count.

David enjoys working with real people – and he has been determined to dedicate himself to helping build client opportunities by really seeing business from your perspective first and last. David has found his calling, and that the simple truth is to first look after your friends from there, happiness reigns supreme.

David has a range of ways he can help, for ideas and suggestions please complete the form below.


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