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Facebook News Feed Update Sets the Stage for Video Ads

Facebook just recently updated their news feed algorithm in hopes of providing users with better videos. However the update not only satisfies the improvement of the user experience, it also caters to their bottom line. The more Facebook knows about your video watching habits, the more efficient it’s new video ads format can be, which means good business for Facebook and great opportunities for marketers.

Steve Catchick

July’s GKIC London Speaker:

Steve Catchick

How To Get The Salesforce You Deserve

– Without Paying Out Any More Money!

  • Who Is Your Secret Salesforce?
  • How To Get Your Secret Salesforce Working For You…
  • Co-author of “Wealth Accelerators”

As you would expect from GKIC London – this will not be theoretical rhetoric; Steve Catchick offers practical solutions – tangible business results


GKIC London releases new Graham Rowan video interview

GKIC London leader David White interviews mastermind member Graham Rowan, who gives his views on the value of GKIC London meetings and shares some of his wealth of knowledge.

GKIC London leader David White interviews mastermind member Graham Rowan, who gives his views on the value of GKIC London meetings and shares some of his wealth of knowledge.

Graham who works as a wealth coach and renegade investor says he likes the practicality of the meetings and that he’s always able to “come away with some list of action points”.

Learning to sync a day to day list with one’s overall big picture goals is another value Graham appreciates and one which the events continually teach. Long lasting GKIC strategies such as the ‘three step letter process’ and making best use of ‘Opt-in’ offers are among the merits which Graham highlights in the interview.

Graham who was also voted this month’s marketer of the month, gives some insight into his success with a direct mail campaign, which he implemented as part of a marketing strategy to encourage investment in a dementia care home project.

The video interview with Graham Rowan can be watched here.

Readers are also encouraged to sign up quickly to GKIC London’s next event.

Find Out More About GKIC London here.

New Entrepreneurial guides: The Dirty Dozen and Business Breakthroughs, soon to be released

CEO of Weboptimiser, David White, is about to release a comprehensive look at the twelve major causes of business failure and success

CEO of Weboptimiser, David White, is about to release a comprehensive look at the twelve major causes of business failure and success. His research has been packaged into an analytical guide called the Dirty Dozen, which will release in early March. With his near twenty years of experience as the Executive of successful online marketing company Weboptimiser, as well as being the official ambassador of the UK’s monthly entrepreneurial event, GKIC London, David makes a detailed account of the twelve differences that cause some businesses to fail while others succeed. Central topics of the guide include:

1: Poor Self Image

2: Impatience

3: Lack Of Self Discipline

4: Failure To Follow A Proven Plan

5: Lack Of Concentration

6: Lack Of Well Defined Goals

And much, much more.

Also accompanying The Dirty Dozen release, is an additional guide: Business Breakthroughs, available free as bonus content. Business Breakthroughs is a guide that encourages readers to really think about what they need to do (in business) and then take effective steps (listed in the guide) to complete their goals. The guide asks a range of questions which are meant to be used to encourage action, including:
1: What is your USP,

2: What your differentiator?

3: What are the multiple pillars you use to get new business?

4: What order to do what when?

5: How to win new clients?

6: How to turn what you know into cash?

and much, much more.

These guides are particularly ideal for Entrepreneurs who are struggling to turn their business ventures around. However it is also recommended for successful business owners who want to expand their market but don’t know how or where to do it effectively with high ROI potential.
Follow the link below to register for your copy of The Dirty Dozen today, and be one of the first to get a copy of the insightful Business Breakthrough’s absolutely free!

Renowned managing director Robert Craven will be guest speaking at GKIC London

The success of GKIC London’s monthly entrepreneurial meetings continues, as on June 27th they will welcome special guest speaker Robert Craven to their event

David White, leader of GKIC London gave an audience of entrepreneurs a particularly insightful presentation on Tuesday 20th May, and was assisted by fellow speakers Lee Calendar, Fergus McClelland and Richard Abrahams. Their momentum isn’t slowing down either, as next month they will be joined by a very special guest.

GKIC London is pleased to announce that on Friday 27th June, renowned speaker Robert Craven will be presenting at the event. Robert Craven is not only a member of the PSA (professional speaking association), but he is also a program director of Cranfield School of Management, holds an MBA and is an author of six books.

He is respected by successful businessmen all over the globe, and has received accolades from Sir Richard Branson (CEO, Virgin), Jerry Blackett (Sales Director, Barclays) and others.

With such credentials, Robert Craven will be talking to an audience of entrepreneurs and businessmen alike from 2pm – 3pm. He will be discussing specialist subject matters within his area of expertise, including ‘The customer experience journey’, ‘Generating revenue’ and ‘Delivering to the bottom line’.

Robert says “What I am passionate about is getting more customers and profit into your business. That is exactly what I can do for you.”

His sentiment is certainly shared by others:
Sir Richard Branson said “Robert Craven says that ‘your whole business hinges on what your customer gets from you’. I wholeheartedly agree.”

Prof David Storey (Warwick Business School) also said “His animated action-packed style demands participation. Robert does not give his audience the option of sitting back and merely reflecting.”

David White will also be discussing ‘The 18 ways you can get more money from your own clients.’ This event is an opportunity for attendees to invite their colleagues, suppliers, and friends who are likely to get the most from this. It promises to be filled with invaluable guidance and strategies which can greatly improve the marketing potential and profitability of any business.

Spaces are filling up fast, visitors are urged to register here and reserve their seats ASAP

GKIC London will be running the event on Friday 27th June from 2:00PM – 5:00pm at:

The Eight Members Club, 1 Change Alley, London, EC3V 3ND

MP3 Download: 3 Things Your Email Marketing Needs To Be A Success

I have been running email marketing campaigns for nearly twenty years and I can testify that this morning Lee Calender delivered killer content in a call that lasted just over 11 short yet dynamite minutes.

This call was truly action packed. His first point answers the question where to get your email list from. 6 minutes in, point 2, Lee tells us he will be giving us his 49 point checklist and then runs through a couple of those points there and then.

At 8 minutes, 27 seconds in Lee tell us the golden truth that the moment of sending the email is not the end of the process. He correctly confirms that was just the beginning.

Lee shares insights and truths all the way through in this short, succinct “must listen” free recording.

Click here to Listen in to Lee and I

Lee ends with a tease: His biggest tip, the one that’s all about what to do with people who do not open your email will be shared exclusively at the next GKIC London event. Lee guarantees that this one tip will boost your results by at least 50%.

Lee shares clear insights that are credible and if you are in business hugely valuable, in the right hands, dynamite! Not to be missed.

GKIC London is only a few days away. We have only 50 seats available maximum, in recent months I have had to close down registration early and actually turn people away. If the registration is open, as it is now, then the likelihood is that you will get a seat. Right now 45 have registered. The question is will you be one of the remaining lucky few?

There’s a lot more great content that I have not told you about and that’s why GKIC London is regularly full and why later in the year I am planning to run an all day event. I will be offering that to my Mastermind Group first, then GKIC London Members, then past visitors.

I urge you to register for next Tuesday, we are set for a great, money making, content rich afternoon.

I cant wait to see you there and introduce you to Lee.

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