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When I first started out in advertising I went straight for direct response marketing, it was absolutely the right thing to do, then digital marketing came along and through tons of trial and error I have used both with increasing effectiveness for over 30 years.

Technically in the beginning I did not know what it was or care for what it was called. I did not study advertising, I studied sales and what brought the cash in.

Starting Again From Scratch?

At 21 I was married and had already turned over a few very profitable millions which, err, paid for my youth. I subsequently got divorced and lost the lot.

I was not born with a Silver Spoon, I had to get back to work, fast.

I started again by harnessing what I knew worked.

I realised I was onto a good thing and made several important discoveries.

Some of what you read here may ruffle feathers, some you may not agree with. I just hope you don’t lose too much money getting to the same conclusions.

  • First: The Media

    Many visiting this page will be here because they will be considering SEO, Pay Per Click or Social Media Marketing. I can help with all of those, yet this is often the wrong place to start. Secondly some might be looking around to get better SEO, PPC or SM, again, probably this is the wrong place to be.

    Am I heretic? Dissing your enquiry before it has even began. I don’t think so. This is not simply questioning the brief, this is mainly to point out if you are starting with the objective of covering off the media it is the wrong place to start.

    Similarly if you are doing well with an existing campaign and you are looking to make it work better, the resulting difference is likely to be slight and probably a result that is less than you are already getting.

    The point is a simple one: You need to start with the client in mind, not the media.

    I always smile at the irony of receiving a postcard from Google, selling it’s pay per click services. Or when an internet marketer sells from the stage. Surely, if they were so good, they would make their sales using the Internet.

    If you have a campaign that already works, rather than improve it, you are more likely to make faster and more significant gains if you add a different media so that the activity becomes complementary. This way your market will see you ‘everywhere’ and done well, you will result in 2 squared rather than a 1 plus 1 market presence. The lesson here is do not choose your marketing activity according to media, choose your marketing activity according to your target market.

  • Second: Pre-Determination

    When you pre determine your target market it’s a lot easier to invite people to respond. Thus your direct response marketing becomes measurable and responsive, you can calculate how much to spend based on return. Done right your budget becomes unlimited as your marketing pays for itself which is key to growth, success and market domination. In this way you can spend more than anyone else, beat the competition and dominate your market.

    Most businesses try to make TV, newspaper and magazine ads work for them, there is a time and a place, for most this media proves to be very expensive, particularly as it is not measurable and shamefully yields little or no return. You might have to spend a lot to prove me wrong.

  • Third: “Who” -ing

    Buyers want to buy from someone they can trust. For this reason alone it would be a good idea to let your customers know who you are and what you stand for. For instance David Ogilvy, known as the Father of Advertising, knew that his success had a lot to do with his influence. If you don’t know who David Ogilvy is, I suggest that you buy and read ‘The King Of Madison Avenue’ as soon as possible.

    I recognised that I needed a strategy for status if I were to attract the right kind of clients, the kind that I could work with on my terms. I did: from one man bands, middle size companies to major brands such as Marriott, Disney, IBM, the IOD, Sony and many, many hundreds more.

    I think that it is clarity on ‘Who’-ing helps clients the most. ‘Who’-ing is vital to keep up with changing times if you want to maintain success.

  • Fourth: When Good Enough Is Not Good Enough

    Helping clients overcome the delusion that delivering a great job to clients is good enough is tough. It’s tough to take as most would prefer to focus on increasing the quality of their trade. Understandably, this makes sense to staying ahead, unfortunately clients do not care and this path can actually doom and dim your future as inevitably you take your eye off the ball – your clients real needs. What clients want, obviously, is to be satisfied and not so obviously to be continuously woo’ed, wow’ed and I would add: who’ed.

The Harsh Realities

Truth is that as I have revealed each of these points I will have put many people off working with me. I am fine with that. I only want to work with those who can see the truth behind these concepts. I have made no attempt to tell you how these points are achieved, there is no overt sales pitch, no discounted or time limited cut price offer. There is a time and a place for that type of pitch, not here.

The reality is that it would be wrong to hard sell a long term relationship. If you accept that these points could be the keys to your future success then we could be made for each other. You understand that if you don’t aspire to resolving them, then I can’t help you.

If you can’t see the sense of the first point (being focussed on the market not the media), then the second (predetermination), third (“Who” -ing) and fourth (Marketing not training), then we are not made for each other. If you want to cherry pick the pieces that suit you, then we are most likely doomed to a dim failure. I have experienced this, best that we pass by before we begin.

I would also suggest that if you are looking at super cheap, outsourced solutions, hacks, black hat or spun, machine driven content I cannot help. My time is expensive, strategy takes understanding, returns are high. We would focus on opportunity and when examined in that way you will find my fees always look good.

I have at my disposal a matrix of at least 14 different, unusual and surprisingly cash pleasing business models you can use to rapidly find new opportunities. Plus you can cross combine each to create an unlimited number of cash generating attractions that your competitors can only guess at, dream of and hope for.

Direct Response really is the first part of the equation, Digital helps and while it is something I have been practicing I have only been studying it for about twenty years and I am still learning new ways to apply the techniques and ideas online, offline yet always achieving direct responses.

If you would like to discuss how these ideas might work with your business, please do not call, as I am not immediately available. Instead, fill in the form below, tell me about yourself and from there we can arrange a time to speak if appropriate. Over to you.


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