7 Rules For Business Prosperity In The New Economy

You’ll find 7 reliable sales, marketing & business strategies that are super easy to implement. These business strategies are tried, tested and proven: they work. This workshop style e-book was written by a real, established growth orientated entrepreneur for business men, women and sales professionals short on time and long on intent. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A fast, easy to digest read
  • No Fluff
  • Instantly Actionable Ideas
  • Space within to add your thoughts
  • Strategies you can apply without major investment
  • Minimal Time & Energy Requirements
  • Profit From Tried And Tested Business Strategies

Here’s What the ebook covers:

  • The #1 Way To Target The Right Market
  • The Power Of Clearly Defined Messages
  • How To Use The Right Media
  • How To “Think Like An Entrepreneur”
  • How To Create Effective Systems
  • The #1 Way To Get Maximum Value Out of Your Day
  • How To Profit From The Most Powerful Support Network

Tips, ideas and ways to improve your growth prospects are available in full, free as an instant download for a limited period only. We are looking for more comments and feedback to reflect the value of the content. We already have some great comments, we would appreciate yours.

As always David, you’re an inspiration to all entrepreneurs. This book is undoubtedly a great guide to what real, effective marketing and business building should be all about!

Dev Maritz, London


Get All The Rules, The Exercises And The Full Story Here – Free Download For Entrepreneurs

So you know, we do not share your information with anyone

I changed my daily habits as a direct result of reading 7 Rules For Business Prosperity In The New Economy.

Jos van Rozen, Chiswick

7 Rules For Business Prosperity In The New Economy

This is a work book uniquely designed and formulated to really work on your business. Packed full of insights and observations you can use, here’s a taster of what’s included:

  • What Should You Do Everyday?
  • What Is Your Clear Message?
  • How And Why You Should Differentiate Your Business?
  • What Is The #1 Skill You Should Have Covered?
  • How To Target The Right Market
  • The Three Letters That Will Change Your Business Life Forever…
  • How To Move Up The Hierarchy Of Money.
  • How To Use The Right Direct Response Media
  • How To Avoid Being An Advertising Victim
  • How To Think Like A Growth Orientated Entrepreneur
  • Horizontal And Vertical Expansion
  • The Miracle Of “Price Elasticity”
  • Do You Have An Effective Marketing System?
  • How To Get Maximum Value Out Of Your Day
  • Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make With Their Time
  • The True Power Of Delegation
  • How To Build A Powerful Support Network
  • Creating Your Success Environment
  • What Is The Most Incredible Free Gift Ever?


Get All The Rules, The Exercises And The Full Story Here – Free Download for Entrepreneurs

So you know, we do not share your information with anyone

Yes I agree with what you say that spending time finding the right people is just as important as crafting the right message.

Farhan Qureshi, London

A fast read, written to provide a step by step road map you can easily follow to put more profits, certainty and freedom back into your life no matter what size or type of business you operate.

If you’re a business owner and you want real improvement in your business then I highly suggest that you listen to what David White has to say.

Dan Kennedy (GKIC)


Get All The Rules, The Exercises And The Full Story Here – Free Download for Entrepreneurs

So you know, we do not share your information with anyone

You’ll find the book useful as it quickly takes you step by step to create a plan that your business could seriously benefit from.

Jos van Rozen, Chiswick.

Hang out with David White: https://plus.google.com/104094338160478147747/

Award Winning Author: David White

Serial entrepreneur David White has started several Global multi million pound enterprises from scratch. His award winning books walk you through business scenarios that teach how to deal with frustration and avoid the problems so you can get straight to the money.

In working with companies like IBM, Barclays, Institute of Directors, The Chartered Institute of Marketing through to small businesses in b2b and b2c sectors David has lived through just about every single business scenario and travelled the globe so you don’t have to.

What you have here is an opening to a great deal of treasure that will transform your world without having the need to take the same tortuous journey.

I’m always in the market for the info David has to share and regularly find myself going back over his material.

Brad Lazarus, North London

Why Entrepreneurial Business Strategies Are Important To Us All

By “Entrepreneur” and “Entrepreneurial” where mentioned, the original 1804 definition by the French economist Jean-Baptiste Say defines an entrepreneur as someone who takes resources from a lower level to a higher level of productivity. In other words, entrepreneurial minded people are those most likely to strive to use business strategy to improve business and make more useful and valuable services and products, thus make things better for everyone everywhere.

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