7 Rules For Your Business Prosperity In The New Economy

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70% Of Marketing Campaigns ‘Failed’ in 2013

This news serves as an urgent reminder that reliance on one thing, a focus on new media alone, can ruin an otherwise perfectly good business, undermine its profitability and cause the eye to move away from the ball: customer acquisition.

January, London, 2014: Research is published with the headline “Marketers ‘Failed’ in 2013″. It said of 1,200 CEOs and Marketers Interviewed across Europe, the US, Asia and Australia who collectively ran 2.5 million ad campaigns, over 70% of global marketers failed to deliver quantifiable business results.

71% of marketers performed three times lower on average in terms of ROI.

70% concluded that they were distracted by what they called “game changers” such as marketing automation, new media, big data and omni channel executions.

You’ll Find These 7 Practical, Dependable Sales, Marketing & Business Strategies Are Fast And Easy To Implement



Business strategies tried, tested and proven

7 Rules For Business Prosperity In The New Economy suits all business and consumer markets. It’s written by a real, established proven, growth orientated entrepreneur for business men, women and sales professionals short on time and long on intent.

Here’s what you get:

  • Instantly Actionable Ideas
  • Space Within To Note Your Thoughts
  • Methods To Attract Clients
  • Easy To Follow Instructions
  • Ideas To Keep Your Clients
  • Specific Directions
  • Tried And Tested Business Strategies

These tips, ideas and ways to improve your growth prospects are available in full, free as an instant download for a limited period only.


Reader Feedback


Dev Maritz, London

As always David, you’re an inspiration to all entrepreneurs. This book is undoubtedly a great guide to what real, effective marketing and business building should be all about!


Farhan Qureshi, London

Yes I agree with what you say that spending time finding the right people is just as important as crafting the right message.


Dan Kennedy (GKIC)

If you’re a business owner and you want real improvement in your business then I highly suggest that you listen to what David White has to say.


Jos van Rozen, Chiswick

You’ll find the book useful as it quickly takes you step by step to create a plan that your business could seriously benefit from.


Frequently Asked Questions


Who Wrote The Book?

The report is by award winning author and businessman David White. He as 4 best sellers currently listed in Amazon and more in the pipeline.

Who Is This For?

If you have an established business and want fresh ideas, motivation and food for thought, you’ll find this book really helpful. It’s equally helpful to smaller businesses and startups looking for tips and shortcuts to success while avoiding expensive mistakes.

Is It All About Marketing?

Not at all – attracting new customers is a small part, keeping them and growing them is the key.

What Else Will You Send Me?

I write regular emails with tips, tactics, ideas for business growth and invitations to live events. These cover a broad range of important topics for you, including leadership, marketing, profit, growth strategies, recruitment, motivating your staff, time management and delegation, plus a host of other things besides. If you’re a business owner, partner, director or entrepreneur, you’ll find them interesting (sometimes amusing) and useful.

How Long Is It?

You can skim through, read the headlines and key points, in about 3 minutes. You can read it cover to cover in about 20 minutes. You could reap the rewards of taking action on what you read for a lifetime.

Are There Ideas I Can Use Right Away?

Yes, absolutely. The guide is based on tactics I often use with new clients to help them see results quickly. There are ideas in here you can have working within the same day, or this week at the latest. And best of all, the ideas will cost you little or nothing to try.

What If I Don’t Want To Receive More Emails?

If you’re in business, you’ll probably find my emails helpful. However, your permission is the key. So if you want out, just click the unsubscribe link that’s in any of my emails and you’ll not receive any emails from me again. Also, I won’t share your emails with anybody else – because I hold your information privately and securely.

What Are You Going To Sell Me?

I will let you know about my services and products from time to time. I can’t force you to the buy them and I would not want that anyway. Also, if I come across something that I think could help you to get better results in business, I’ll share that with you too. You’re not going to be drowned in promotional emails.


What To Do Next

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